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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Your true business career objectives

Countless professionals are yearning for a more fulfilling business career that can give them both personal and professional satisfaction. Who can blame them?

They want the freedom to design the career of their dreams and the self-reliance to trust that they have made the right decision.

Think back for a moment to your first bicycle experience. Who taught you how to ride? What lessons did you learn? Are you the same now as you were when you were a little girl or boy?

When we look back at the many ways our bicycle experiences have impacted our lives, we gain a better understanding of how to recapture those childhood feelings of independence, adventure, and joy.

We learn how to maneuver though our business career journey. We are able to enjoy this ride we call life. The following suggestions will help you regain your sense of balance so you can grow to reach your true business career objectives.

Safely navigate work's obstacles and challenges.

In order to excel professionally, you need the ability to learn from any past mistakes rather than dwell on them. While learning lessons only through positive experiences would be terrific, life is not like that for a good reason.

Our negative experiences teach us how to use failure as a learning tool. In fact, we would not be who we are if we did not have both the unique good and bad lessons that taught us what we needed to know.

The truth is that the only wrong mistake is one we do not learn from. Another key to mastering the ride of life is to understand that when things go wrong, we have a choice.

We can be our own worst enemy or we can be our own best friends. We can criticize ourselves and curse our own bad luck, or we can coach ourselves, extract value from what we learned, and focus on how we can handle that situation better in the future.
The next time something devastating happens to you, whether it is a layoff or a failed project, remember that there are lessons to be learned.

Take the direct route.

Many people are so confused at work that they do not know what is expected of them anymore. They cannot get honest feedback from colleagues or managers, and they question whether or not their work is up to company standards.

It is during these times that people need to use straight talk to build rapport with others and solve issues.

Straight talk means being able to communicate openly and honestly without alienation or hurt feelings. When you use straight talk, you are being direct and truthful, and this makes you feel self-confident and enables you to gain the respect and mutual feedback you deserve.

Encourage straight talk in your office by thinking about what you really want to say, writing it down, and practicing it. The more you use it, the more comfortable you will feel and the more your colleagues will follow your lead.

In order to continually improve and grow your business career, being direct and opening the lines of communication will be a step in the right direction.

Business career success has nothing to do with your financial success or your position title. It is about the sense of accomplishment you feel at the end of your day and the enthusiasm you have about your work.

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