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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Weekly Schedule For Career Builders - Part II


Follow up on the leads from your networking that is not among the 25 employers you have targeted. Deliver your 30-second pitch enthusiastically.
After that, listen more than talk. Ask questions about the employer's needs. If you have an idea, propose it tactfully.

Apply for any on-target jobs. Start your cover letter by mentioning your referrer, if any. Then explain, point by point, how you meet the requirements in the listing. Your goal is to apply for 10 openly advertised on-target jobs by the end of the week.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday:

If there are no jobs to apply for on those 25 employers' Web sites, try career Or you can send the CEO a brief email marketing yourself.

If, within a week, you have not heard from the people you have contacted, follow up.

Leave voice mail if necessary. A minute recording from you is a great relief from the usual things and sometime impossible schedule and location that we have.

If you do not really hear response of some, back from most people you contact,
But you'll get at least one bite, most likely from an employer who has been thinking about hiring but has not gotten around to it yet.

Sometimes, an employer will find it easier to vet you, make you an offer and be done with it. If that's the case, the time and effort you will have invested in your one-week job search will have paid big dividends.

Career offers these tips and more to help those who need these things the most. There you can find the answers to some of your career question that is bothering them for sometime now.

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