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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Weekly Schedule For Career Builders - Part I

Career or nothing at all

Want to find your next job in just one week? If you are willing to plow through the most unpleasant job search tasks in that time, you will be more likely to. With the many career sites now catering to that need, nothing is impossible.

An added advantage is that you will maximize your chances of getting multiple offers at once, so you will be able to pick the job that offers the best combination of interesting work, sound learning opportunities, reasonable compensation and a good manager.

Here is your make believe career schedule.


Write your resume: Incorporate two or three brief stories, problem you faced, the intelligent way you approached it and its positive resolution. Get feedback on the draft from people you know in your target field.

Craft your elevator pitches: Each one must explain why you're looking for a job, what you are looking for and prove that you are good. In the 30 and 60-second pitches, say more about the kind of job you want and provide credible evidence of your competence.


Identify 25 employers you'd like to work for: Focus on small, growing companies in your target industry within a reasonable commuting distance.
Look on major employment sites like career you might never heard of with multiple job listings. These are usually small companies in growth mode.

Email or phone the 25 people in your network most likely to help you get a job: Give your 10 or 30-second pitch and ask. If appropriate, ask if your contact would review your resume and cover letter or do a mock interview with you.

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