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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Professional Career Myths

Do you think you know how to choose a professional career? Many people think they know the right way to go about picking an occupation, but they often wind up in careers that are unsatisfying.

Here are some myths of professional career choices that can help you make an informed decision.

Myth: Choosing a career is simple

Actually, choosing a career is a complicated process and you should give it the time it deserves.

Professional career planning is a multi-step process that involves learning enough about yourself and the occupations which you are considering in order to make a wise decision.

Myth: Career counselors can tell me what occupation to choose.

Career counselor, or any other career development professional, cannot tell you what career is best for you. They can just provide you with guidance through the career planning process and help facilitate your decision.

Myth: I cannot possibly make a living out of my hobby.

Who told you that? It makes perfect sense to choose an occupation that is related to what you enjoy doing in your spare time. In addition people tend to become very skilled in their hobbies, even though most of the skill is gained informally.

Myth: I should choose a career from a "Best Careers" list.
Every year, there are numerous articles and books that list what "the experts" predict will be "hot jobs."
It will not hurt to look at those lists to see if any of the careers on it appeal to you, but you should not use the list to dictate your choice.

While the predictions are often based on valid data, sometimes things change. Way too often what is hot this year would not turn out to be hot after all.

You need to take into account your interests, values, and skills when choosing an occupation. Just because the outlook for an occupation is good does not mean that occupation is right for you.

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Blogger her_hang_i said...

What would you advice for self satisfaction in case of a must career which was "given" rather than choosen ?

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. I couldn’t make it and this post has been useful.

2:18 AM  

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