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Monday, April 17, 2006

Job Hunting - Part I

Career link just around the corner

Another morning of job hunting lies ahead of you. You pour a cup of coffee and open the paper to the employment section. With a mixture of anticipation and desperation you pick up a stub of pencil and prepare to target and identify some possible career link opportunities.

After making a few phone calls you try to get into a positive frame of mind. You head out the door, a folder of resumes in one hand and a list of addresses at the next. You will drop off a few resumes and have plans for an interview this afternoon.

Maybe something different will happen today…

Have you been looking for work for too long now? Have you heard of acquaintances laid off from long-term employment only to find four or five months later that they are still unable to find a job?

If you think the only way to find a job is to have connections, you may be partly right.

With such a demand for employment, many jobs never make it to the paper. How can you compete?

Try networking.

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