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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Is career cruising too frightening for you? Part II

2. Test yourself

Does your personality match your job? If you thrive on stress, then a high-pressure job is just right for you.

What if the demands of your job are at odds with your personality? If you are in the middle of a job search right now, remember to look beyond the job title.

Find out how the job is really done; the work environment, the hours, the stress level, before making any move. If the job involves travel, ask yourself how that would fit into your lifestyle.

3. Think creatively

After many years of staying with the same company, majority of workers are realizing that work was taking over their entire life.
There began a job search outside the company only to find lower pay, fewer benefits, and even more demanding jobs. These employees know that leaving the company would not be worth it.
But what if they are unhappy with their job?

An idea worth taking is try to search for careers online. Any job that looks interesting deserves a second glance. Then try to put those ideas together with your own skills and experience to create new job possibilities.

4. Survey your career personality

What if you know what kind of job you want but cannot find anyone to pay you for it? Maybe you should think about consulting.

5. Hire a coach.

If you are more than willing to pay for it, a career coach offers personalized help. The coach will guide and lead you in the right career direction.

Some of the tips discussed above will probably appear to be too daunting for you. That is expected. Try to get the help of another person to discuss all of the above steps and to map out the best strategy to get your ideal job.

This person should be a trusted and strong supporter of your goal, as well as someone who will offer you another perspective to assist in the execution of your plan. Nothing like someone who will always be there as you go about career cruising.

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