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Monday, April 17, 2006

Career you DREAM about - Part II

4. Look for career opportunities that others have missed.

Life is uncertain. It is unfair most of the time. It can also downright cruel.

It is easy to get depressed and lose heart. Other people seem to be on the fast track into the future, while you are still stuck in a dead-end role with a boss who blocks you from going anywhere.

But there are hidden career opportunities in almost every situation. If the fast track looks inviting, remember that obvious opportunities attract the most competition.

Find a less obvious path where there is no one competing with you.

5. Keep an open mind.

It is easy to buy all the hype that proclaims certain kinds of jobs as the only ones that anyone sees as desirable. But that is simply fashion.

You are looking for your dream job, not whatever the media have decided to push this week.

Focus on what is best for you. And if that is unfashionable or not in vogue today, all the better. Less competition makes landing this job all the more easier.

6. Find a mentor.

This is probably the single most effective action you can take to land that career opportunity. If you can find someone who knows the ropes who will take you under his or her wing, you have suddenly improved your prospects.

A mentor can smooth the way for you, help you avoid the pitfalls and show you how to show yourself to the best advantage. All without exposing you to the kinds of career opportunity risks you might have to face on your own.

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