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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Career Center : What is it you’re GOOD at ? Part II

How do you know if what you are focusing now is your career center?

There are a number of skills inventory instruments that can help sort out issues that are not easily articulated. There are things called psychological profiles or tests that can help in assessing one's likes and dislikes about work.

Part of the career center test is to answer questions. The answer that the individual will give is enough to determine what he is interested the most.

Do you like to work with numbers?

A shy person may not want to go into marketing, even if it paid well. Someone strong with numbers may consider accounting or statistics. In addition to strengths and weaknesses, the results also point to careers that best utilize the profile of the individual.

Then, it is up to the individual to investigate these career centers to see if, in fact, they would like to pursue them further.

The main thing to consider in any of these tests is the mental state of the person taking the tests. That is, it is best to be neutral or in fairly good spirits.

A bad day or anything that affects attitude in a negative way could easily influence the individual to answer questions incorrectly and the results will then be inaccurate.

As a rule, it is good to take these tests every five years or so to see if your feelings are still the same. What you want now may not be the same thing you want a year from now.

We all change based on new experiences or new knowledge, and this could affect where one wants to go from that point on.
Do not stick with something you liked in the beginning but now feel some uncertainty. Psychologists say the average person will change career centers five times or more in their lifetime. The days of doing the same job for 40 years are gone.

You and you alone are the only captain of your professional career life. Sometimes the journey will be easy coasting, while other times it will be an uphill bumpy trek.

Either way, it is up to you to shift your professional life in gear and create the career center of your dreams.

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