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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Career Center : What is it you’re GOOD at ? Part I

A lot of people never thought about a career center. They just went from one job to another. The one that they liked, they kept doing longer than the others.

Some go to college or get job training and that helps point us in a direction, though that may not be the career center they really want to go.

Sometimes, career counseling is needed more by those people who already have degrees and have just recently entered the workforce or may have been working for a few years. What do they need one? None of them liked their jobs.

Used to be that parents and school counselors thought more of the money-making potential of a job than whether it was something kids wanted to do for a living.

For example, there were home videos showing the natural talent some of these kids had, which lead their parents to enroll them in clubs and schools with aspirations of making a future Olympic team. The net result? The kids did not want to do this. They were miserable. And this was after a lot of time and money was invested.

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