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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Career Builder and Breaker - Part I

Career builder and breaker

It is true that professionals are constantly looking for ways career builders to continuously improve in their chosen field. It is also true that they are also on the look out for those career “breakers”.

Read on and see if any of these behaviors are impacting your career in a negative way.

Today, everyone is looking for the secret to career builder success. Professionals read books, take training classes, ask questions, study others that are successful and strive to outperform themselves.

However, some behavior patterns can develop into bad habits and cause even the most seasoned and professional person to self-destruct.

Let us take a look at some common behaviors that can stop your career on its track. As you read these 9 behaviors you may recognize some areas you will want to change to keep your career and your career builder on course.

The following are some career builders and their opposite career breakers:

Career builder: Confidence.
Career breaker: Over Confidence:
While you need a healthy dose of self-confidence to carry you through those tough times you also need to keep your confidence and ego in balance.

Keeping your ego in check will prevent you from thinking you are more important than those around you and missing out on their good ideas and solutions.

Career builder: Time well spent.
Career breaker: Time abuse.
You only have 24 hours a day. Use each one of them wisely. Guard against intruders such as non-important phone calls, emails and messages that do not specifically relate to your job. Also make sure you save some time for personal development and pleasures.

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